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Dated back to 1950s, condoms have been used to avoid unwanted pregnancies and against sexually transmitted infections or diseases (STIs or STDs). Nowadays, you’ve probably heard a lot of condom brands, but recently a new type of condoms named “Freedom” is launched in the market. So what’s this all about?

“Freedom” refers to” Feel Free of Condom”. As thin as 35μm, this is the brand new condom made by Zioxx. Aiming at eliminating the blocking feelings,” Freedom” is designed according to three features:

 Zioxx Freedom


Utmost Zest

In order to balance the resilience and thickness of latex, “Freedom” specially selects natural latex from Thailand. Compared with other latex, this latex from Thailand is softer and smoother. In addition, “Freedom” adopted a technique to rearrange the molecules of latex. With this technique, the condoms become thinner than ever before, presenting you and your partner a closer and warmer feeling.


natural latex


Innovative Design

Freedom is classified into two shapes–non-reservoir and reservoir tip. This customized condom is designed to make you and your partner feel free. Lovers can choose the condoms according to their preferences and needs. For reservoir tip, Freedom” provides a more longlasting climax. For non-reservoir tip, “Freedom” brings you an increased heat transfer capacity and maximize sensation during sex.

Reservoir/Non-reservoir condoms

Premium Hyaluronic Lubricant

Added with hyaluronic lubricant, “Freedom”, unlike those with silicone oil, is more moisture, smoother and gentler. This substance is best known for its biocompatibility. It plays a vital role in lubricating lady’s secret part, making her feel comfortable and enhancing stimulating sensation. Most importantly, 100% hyaluronic lubricant is not only ingredient to vitalize sex but also men’s cares for your beloved.

Post time: Mar-28-2017
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