9 Types of Condoms --A Guide to the Condom Styles and Facts

Every time you walk into the condom store or local drugstore, you will be overwhelmed by the condoms with many colors, sizes and shapes. Yet, the question that how to pick out the best condoms for you is always difficult. Therefore, a better understanding of the condom types can help you save more time and avoid going wrong.

Ultrathin condoms

There are plenty of ultrathin condoms in recent years. Durex Air, Zioxx Freedom, Trojan Ultrathin etc. The thickness of these condoms is ranged around 0.03mm to 0.05mm. These condoms are made to reduce the barriers and enhance the intimacy between partners. When using thin condoms, you should be careful and roll it off thoroughly 

zioxx thin condoms,zioxx freedom plus condoms

Non latex condom

In the condom market, you can also find condoms that are made of polyurethane, polyisoprene, nitrile, or lambskin. People who are allergic to the latex can select non latex condoms to protect you from STIs and STDs, as well as unplanned pregnancy. Based on the reports issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), the non-latex condoms have a higher rate of breakage compared to latex, bringing their effectiveness closer to 95%. Anyway, it is still one of the protective methods for those who are latex- allergic.

Female condoms

The shape of female condoms is different from the male condoms’. It needs to be placed inside the vagina before there's any contact with the penis. Expert advises combining them with another form of birth control, such as the pill or an IUD. The most famous brand we hear about is FC2. But female condoms are not suitable for every woman since some of them find it discomfort when touching their genital area.

female condoms

Delay condoms

For the delay condoms, they are specifically designed to prolong the happy hour by adding bezocaine or lidocaine on the condom lube. The extended pleasure is formed due to the numbing agent are absorbed by penis skin and become effective during sex. If men have some shoot at sight policy and expect for longer sex, delay condoms could be your alternative. It helps guys who have issues with PE (premature ejaculation). And make sure to check for FDA or CE approval.

Vegan Condoms

You may be surprised when you first hear vegan condoms. Actually, it becomes trendy in condom market. Vegan condoms are free of casein (an animal product that comes from milk). It is natural and organic. Plus, the condoms are not added with gluten, paraben and spermicide. You can consider purchasing vegan if you are vegan or looking for eco-friendly products.

Dotted& Ribbed Condoms

Ribbed and dotted condoms are shaped and textured to increase pleasure for either the female, the male, or both of the partners (depending on where the raised studs and ribs are). For condom manufacturers, some of them also combine two textures into one. You can find ribs or stud evenly customized in the middle sections, or some of these may be shaped on the top or and at the base. This design adds stimulation and satisfaction for females.

Water-based Condoms

Different from silicone condoms, water-based condoms are less exposure to the irritating feeling. Some of the water-based condoms are made without glycerin. This is one of the ingredients that may potentially cause yeast growth. These condom types are marketed for mutual pleasure.

Glow condoms

What? Glowing condoms! You may laugh out loud if your friend plays a prank on you. These condoms are invented for glowing in the darkness by adding some chemicals on the condom surface. However, they are not recommended to you in your sexual life since it is not as safe as the regular condoms.  

glowing condoms

Flavored condoms

Strawberry flavor, lemon flavor....The variety of flavored condoms is marketed for oral and edible products. Similar to novelty condoms, it's all a matter of preference when it comes to flavored. Actually, it is the condom wearing perfumes. But for safety issue, they are also not recommended in our list.