Brand Story

Our Story

Founded in 2009, Zioxx is a condom brand that committed to developing, producing, and selling condoms. “Healthy Fun, Healthy Life” is always the first mission. As a trusted brand, Zioxx condoms are made from natural ingredients and added with hyaluronic acid lube. What makes Zioxx different is that it not only provides a gentler and softer feeling but also cares for ladies’ health.


100% Hyaluronic Acid Lube

Hyaluronic acid (Hyalurona), a biomaterial, is best known for its properties to hydrating. When applied in the condom, this substance plays a vital role in lubricating lady’s secret part, making her feel comfortable.

A Gift for Your Beloved Wife

Unlike silicone condoms, those irritated feelings, residues and sticky experiences are hardly found in Zioxx. It also helps to reduce the risks of gynecological diseases. Care for ladies’ health! Care for your beloved!

Selected Natural Rubber Latex

Made from natural ingredients, these condoms provide a gentler and softer feeling. It processes a superior ability of heat transfer. Be stronger in resilience and less risky in breakage. 

Skin-on-Skin Feeling        

Adopted molecular rearrangement technique, each condom is can be developed as thin as 0.03mm-0.045mm. Ultrathin condoms are known as ultrasensitive condoms. Compared other brand, Zioxx offers more pleasure during lovemaking.

Innovative Condom Shape

Designed with special condom shape, Zioxx is classified as reservoir tip and non-reservoir tip. These customized designs provide customers with various needs and maximize special sensation. During sex, every consumer can select your favorite one.

Quality Guarantee

Won a sponsorship from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; with 60 procedures of quality-control, each condom is 100% electronically tested; help to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy/ STDs such as syphilis, gonorrhea etc