Production Process

  1. Incoming Materials
Raw materials from our suppliers are strictly complied with the quality management system and fully audited by our quality management department.
  1. Compounding Latex
The factory is equipped with automated machine and own prescription to mix the latex. Every step is well prepared at the very first beginning.
  1. Dipping
The dipping production line is specially customized and made with a capacity of 100,000 counts per week. The production line is established in the protected space so as to reducing the exposure of bacterial and maintained at a stable room temperature.
  1. Washing& Drying
After the condoms are formed into shape, they will be rolled off the mould and powdered in the washing machine. Then, the condoms are spin-dried and tumble-dried at 110° C to remove all the water and humidity as well as to continue the vulcanization.
  1. Testing & Quality System
Each of the condoms will complied with ISO 13485 and approved by EU. Electronically testing, bursting testing, water leakage etc. are all in our must-to-do-list and requires in the whole production process.
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