How Water Based Lube Benefits?

Hyaluronic acid (Water-Based), a biomaterial, is best known for its properties to hydrating, anti-aging, and skin-replenishing. Commonly, this substance is used in cosmetics.

So far, only a few condoms are added with hyaluronic acid. But Zioxx is one of few that owns this exceptional lubricant in all condom series. Unlike silicone oil, those irritated feelings, residues, and sticky experiences are hardly found in the hyaluronic lubricants(water-based lube). Condoms added with hyaluronic acidwater-based lube) are moisture, smooth and gentle. During sex, this substance plays a vital role in lubricating the lady’s secret part, making her feel comfortable and enhancing stimulating sensation. Most importantly, 100% hyaluronic lubricant is not only ingredient to vitalize sex but also men’s cares for women's health.