The secret to harmonize the sexual relationships between couples

Sex is an indispensable part in marriage. Also, it is one of the keys to family harmony. The healthy and harmonious sexual life is the basic need for men and women, as well as the natural desire of both spouses. But, the question is how to maintain a harmonious sex life? Here are the secrets for you.

Set a schedule for both

If the husband and wife can work out a timetable for their life together, this can deepen the feelings between the husband and wife, and create an intimate ambience. If a quarrel or conflicts occurs during your sex schedule, take a deep breath to calm down and try to think about the beautiful feeling in bed. The couple should put the differences and contradictions aside and focus on enjoying the pleasure of sex that can release the tension between each other.

sex schedule


Put more time in foreplay

Couples who have a healthy relationship are more sensitive than ordinary people. They know how to touch, hug and kiss each other. Through foreplay, they can not only convey sexual stimulation, but also increase sexual desire. Psychologists say that touching and kissing are more satisfying than making love. Couples who are not familiar with this secret should pay more attention to discovering their sensitive areas and G spot. Sometimes, sex toy is also one of the best choices in foreplay. Sex toys help couples to spice things up and have a variety of exciting experiences in the bedroom. If your sexual attitude is playful, then your sexual relationship will be more satisfying.

secrets to enhance sexual relationship

Lubricate to better sex

Lubrication should be a top priority for all women, especially for older women who may experience vaginal dryness. The key is to lubricate and re-apply regularly. Personal lube has many benefits. For example, it can reduce friction and make lovemaking more comfortable. However, natural oils may break down condoms. Water-based lubricants are a great option if you are using a condom and sex toys since the kind of lube is easier to clean.

Relax to utmost zest

Some men may experience difficulty with orgasm and ejaculation due to aging, medical conditions, stress, or medications. Getting nervous or upset before sex may cause unpleasant sexual experience for couples. Avoid this crisis is quite important. Listen to some music and taking a sip of wine can help to give your mind and body enough time to get ready for sex. So, full relaxation can enhance the relationship and intimacy during sex.

Good communication to deepen bonds

The emotional communication and understanding between husband and wife are important factors to strengthen the relationship. Apart from sex life, the usual language, manners, and even every look in the eyes can see the tenderness and sweetness of each other. Then such a relationship between husband and wife is good to enhance a happier and more harmonious life.

communication help sexual relationship

 Arrange a surprising date

Freshness and fun can increase your partner’s interest in sex life. Walking near seashore, going to romantic resorts with preparation of a bouquet of flower or trying a new restaurant, these are some cute ideas you can use for dating and improve couple’s relationship. Anticipation and freshness can be increased so that the couple can spend a full and interesting evening together.