What If the Condom Slipped Off During Sex?

Will the condom accidentally slip off during sex? The answer is yes. Moreover, the frequency of this phenomenon is quite common between couples. So why does condom slip off?

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Improper Usage leads to Slip-off

  1. Unexpected rupture during sexual intercourse: such as excessive sexual intercourse, the condom was accidently damaged by finger nails or rings, etc.
  2. Inappropriate condom size: condoms that are too large or too small will easily slip off in the vagina or cause breakage during sexual intercourse, causing semen to flow into the vagina.
  3. The condom was not carefully checked before using or using a condom with leakage.
  4. Do not squeeze the air out of the condom tip before wearing condoms.
  1. After ejaculation, the penis is not withdrawn from the vagina in time.
  2. Don't wear condoms all the way: Some people are afraid that condoms will affect sexual sensation. They don't wear condoms before erection or even at the beginning of sexual intercourse.
  3. Improper use of lubricant:; If oil-based lube, mineral oil and vegetable oil are used with the condom, such as baby oil, lotion, butter, etc., these substances will damage the integrity of the condom and cause breakage
  4. Improper storage: condoms strength will be damaged when exposed to strong light, high heat, humidity and ozone.

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What should we do when the condom slips off?

During sexual intercourse, you cannot continue to use the same condom if the condom slips off. You should remove the condom and replace it with a new one. When you continue to use, the contraceptive effect cannot be guaranteed. Once the emergency contraceptive method is not taken after sex, it is likely to cause pregnancy.

When the condom slips off in the vagina, the condom should be taken out immediately, because the components of the condom may irritate the inner skin of the vagina. It is recommended to use wet tissue or clean paper to gently wipe the vulva and lie down to get the condom out with clean hands. If you cannot take out the condom, you should go to the nearest hospital and seek for medical help in time.

In all, the slippage of condoms is not good for sexual health. Even if you do get the condom out, you'll still need to see your doctor or go to a health clinic to be tested for STDs and pregnancy. The moment when condom slips off, the body fluids is potentially unclean and cause infectious diseases, which greatly increase the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. It is also equivalent to unprotected intercourse. Condoms are the only form of birth control that offers some protection against STDs and help prevent pregnancy. So when having sex, you and your partner should be aware of this part and choose the right size.

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