Why thinnest condoms are popular?

When comes to the condoms, thickness will be a major topic that is closely related to it. In the past, the thickness of condoms strongly influences the sensation during sex. “I hate using condoms, the sensation is not as pleasant for me” or “It made me feel less intimate and less warm with my partners”. These complaints from both women and men put condom manufacturers into a dilemma. Luckily, with the development of science and technology, now condoms can be produced much thinner than ever before

zioxx thinnest condoms


In the condom market, condoms that ranging around 0.01 millimeters can be found in adult stores or supermarkets. This kind of condom is made from polyurethane. Though it can easily reduce the thickness of the condom, it is poor in resilience and intimacy. When used, break and leakage are easily to occur in intercourse. Plus, the sensation of polyurethane has yet to be compared with natural latex.

Zioxx is one of the condom brands that dedicates to developing the thinnest latex condoms. Based on the idea of developing thin and comfortable condoms, Zioxx R&D put their emphasis on the properties of natural latex. By conducting a comprehensive analysis of condoms, Zioxx R&D finally found out the secret of balancing the resilience and thickness of latex at the same time. In addition, Zioxx R&D adopted a technique to rearrange the molecules of latex. With this technique, the thickness of condoms can be controlled evenly, which means resilience and tenacity can be achieved without increasing the thickness.


In 2013, Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation launched the first call to develop the Next Generation of Condom through Grand Challenges Explorations initiative. During the challenge, Zioxx successfully applied the challenge of making Condoms <30µm by improving Properties of Natural Latex Emulsion. In 2014, Zioxx was awarded by Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation. In 2015, Zioxx condoms had launched in the market. Selected natural latex from Thailand, this condom is more than just thin but as safe as traditional latex condoms.