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Zioxx Freedom Thinnest Condoms 12 Counts

Zioxx Freedom Thinnest 001 Condom Without Teat End 12 Counts

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  • Silky-smooth lubricants: water-based substance; retain a balanced amount of moisture; softer and smoother vagina; can be absorbed by the body
  • Intimacy & Closeness: enhance sensations for a deeper feeling of intimacy.
  • Odorless & Easy to Clean: Just wipe with paper or rinse with water
  • Quality Guaranteed: adopted Thailand latex, natural and durable; help to prevent unwanted pregnancy;100 % electronic test to improve condom effectiveness; best non spermicidal condoms.
  • Innovative technique: with molecular rearrangement technique to control the thickness as thin as 001; Much thinner than trojan thinnest condoms. special reservoir tip that provides extra safety; Won a sponsorship from Bill & Melinda Gates
  • SIZE:
  • Width:2 Inches(52mm);
  • Length: 7 Inches(180mm)
  • Contraindication: People who are allergic to natural rubber latex should be forbidden.

  • Caution & Warning

    Latex condoms do not completely eliminate the risks of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). To get the most protection from a latex condom, use one correctly every time you have sex. Before using, please read the directions in the package. 

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