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LGBT Friendly Gay Parade Promotional Condoms 52mm 2pcs

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About Product

  • Anti-slip & Carefree-Reengineered with micro particles in the interior condom surface; help to avoid the rate of slip-off.
  • LGBTQ Friendly-Aiming at the Pride Group to eliminate their concerns about thick condoms and diminished pleasure
  • Without Teat End-Customized as a bulb shape to enhance more stimulation to your partner.
  • Water-based Lubricant-Different from traditional silicone oil, this condom is added with water-based lube, which can be wiped with a paper or just rinse with water.

Product Description

Colour: natural

Width: 52 ± 2mm

Length: 180mm

Shape: non-reservoir tip

Unihorz is the sub-brand owned by Zioxx condom manufacturers. Targeting at LGBTQ, Unihorz is the brand that is committed to the career of PRIDE. Unlike other latex condoms, the condom developed by Unihorz won’t lead to an unpleasant odor and residues. With its unique technique, this condom is customized as a non-reservoir tip, providing PRIDE people with a skin-on-skin stimulation. Meanwhile, strict quality-controlled procedures make condoms safer and more durable.