ZIOXX ICE and FIRE Super Thin Condoms 20 Counts
 Fire and Ice Condoms Walmart, pink condom, girth size
Fire and Ice Condoms Walmart ,fire and ice condom size

Zioxx Ice and Fire Super Thin Condoms 20 Counts

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  • ICE & FIRE: 10 Pieces Warming sensations and 10 Pcs Cooling sensations ultrathin condoms give you a different experience
  • 55mm Width for Bigger Man: Upgraded production for a LARGE size, offering another option for bigger man; Premium quality for extra comfort and pleasure
  • 003 Ultrathin for More Enticement: Adopted molecular rearrangement technique; each condom is developed as thin as 003, enhancing sensations for a deeper feeling of intimacy
  • 100% Hyaluronic Acid Lube: Added with hyaluronic acid lubricants; Easy to clean and can be rinsed with water
  • Won a sponsorship from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; With 60 procedures of quality-control, each condom is 100% electronically tested.
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