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Zioxx Passion Silky Smooth Condoms 20 Counts
condom with personal lube,water based lube

Zioxx Passion Silky Smooth Condoms 20 Counts

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  • Size: Width:2 Inches(52mm); Length: 7 Inches(180mm)
  • Lubricant: Hyaluronic acid/water-based lube: hydrating and incredibly gentle; no residues and can be easily washed; water-based substance to protect you from suffering greasy feeling.
  • Thinness& Softouch: Focus on Condom’s thin and soft research Up to 45 Years; Won Bill Gates Foundation Sponsorship.
  • Natural & Easy to Clean: Just wipe with paper or rinse with water
  • Quality Guaranteed: Each condom is 100% electronically tested. Adopted High-quality natural latex.
  • Dual Experience: Designed with a teat end and without teat end