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A Urologist Bust 7 Common Myths About Condoms

Recently, a urologist and pelvic surgeon Dr. Rena Malik makes accessible YouTube content with the goal of helping people have a healthier sex life. In the video, she breaks down some of the most pervasive myths and misconceptions surrounding condoms, and explains everything you need to know in order to make an informed choice about contraception in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Condoms are "unreliable" "When used correctly, condoms are 98 percent effective at preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases," says Malik. "However if you are not using it correctly, it could break, reducing the efficacy to 92 percent." She explains that you should always check the expiration date on a condom wrapper before using it, and clarifies that condoms...

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8 Questions about Female Condoms

What is a female condom? The female condom is a pouch made of polyurethane or latex that fits inside the vagina. It is a barrier method of birth control. How does it work? The female condom has a flexible ring at the closed end of the pouch, with a slightly larger ring at the open end. The smaller ring at the closed end keeps the female condom in place, whereas the larger ring rests outside the vagina. The female condom keeps the vagina and cervix from coming in contact with the skin of the penis or with secretions from the penis. How effective is a female condom? The typical use of female condoms, which is the average way most people use them, has a failure rate...

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