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Do Condoms Expire? 7 Things to Know Before Use

Expiration and effectivenessCondoms do expire and using one that’s past its expiry date can greatly reduce condom effectiveness.Expired condoms are often drier and weaker, so they’re more likely to break during intercourse. This puts you and your partner at risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or unwanted pregnancy.Male condoms that haven’t expired are about 98 percent effective if you use them perfectly every time you have sex. No one is perfect, though, so male condoms that haven’t expired are actually about 85 percent effective. These figures will drop drastically if the condom’s expired.The average shelf life of a condom is three to five years, depending on the manufacturer and how it’s stored. Read on to learn more about why they...

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16 Tips for Getting Stronger Erections—and Staying Hard

If you have a penis, then you know it has a tendency to be a little, uh, temperamental sometimes. When you want it to stay hard during sexual activity, it goes soft. Then, when you finally manage to sustain an erection, you end up ejaculating too quickly. It doesn't get along so well alcohol, even when you’re in a sexually arousing situation, and—speaking of substances—studies show there might be a link between erectile dysfunction and smoking weed. It also tends to show up in a big way at inopportune times, like in the middle of your important presentation for work. As far as sources of pleasure go, the penis can be pretty damn frustrating. According to a study published in the American Journal of...

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The 10 Best Thin Condoms Recommended by Men's Health 2020

Dated back to the 1950s, condoms have been used to avoid unwanted pregnancies and against sexually transmitted infections or diseases (STIs or STDs). Nowadays, you’ve probably heard a lot of condom brands, but sometimes it is quite difficult for you to find out the one that can provide you a non-feeling sensation. In the following, we would like to introduce the 10 best thin condoms recommended by Men's Health 2020-Men's Health is the brand men live by for fitness, nutrition, health, sex, style, grooming, tech, weight loss, and more. 1. Durex Extra Sensitive Condom It is one of the thin condoms in Durex brand and describes as "super thin", feeling like wearing nothing. 2. Kimono MicroThin The enterprise said that it is 20% thinner than its...

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